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Contract/Hospitality News

WeaveUp Allows Valley Forge to Expand Print Basecloth Range
Materialised Says WeaveUp is Game Changing Technology
WeaveUp’s Flint Davis Produces Digitally Printed Hospitality Fabric Samples In Three Days, Changing the Way Textile Print Business Is Done
Rockland Mills’ Third Wide Width Coating Line Adds 50 Percent Capacity at Bamberg, SC
Galloway Named President Robert Allen Duralee Contract; Amy Silberman Departs
Milliken Names Jennifer K. Harmon Vice President, Specialty Interiors
Financial Firm Buys Carnegie Major Stake
Tony Attard Also Chairman of Alusid, Architectural Glass Recycler
Angelo Carillo
Zhejiang HuaChen New Material Co., Ltd.
Renby Export

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