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Contract/Hospitality News

Decosit Returns After MoOD+Indigo Cancels
Kravet and Walker Greenbank Make Distribution Deal
MoOD/ Indigo Canceled This September, According to Easyfairs Source
Tony Lopez Heads Maxwell Fabrics’ Newly Created Contract Division; Bill Finn Dedicated to Residential
DCOTA Building in Foreclosure Suit As Showrooms Relocate; Nationwide Pattern
Showtime Reflects a More Careful, Studied Market with More Tailored Product Introductions and Tariff Concerns
RADG Plans New Headquarters
Lee Silberman, former CEO Robert Allen Duralee, Says Farewell
DecoSit Brussels
Covington Fabric + Design
aquaclean - No worry fabrics! Dressing the best sofas
Textil J. Serrano

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