Amit Gokani Hustles Upholstery Sales From Mumbai During Pandemic With Social Media

He might manufacture in the U.S.

September 22, 2020

Amit Gokani
Amit Gokani

MUMBAI, India—Amit Gokani, a rising player in the Indian upholstery market, wants to export his designs worldwide, especially to America.

Gokani is a successful converter of jacquard fabrics based here, but he would like to weave his designs in the U.S. -- if necessary, to get the business there.

“I hired designers and make jacquards with units at various places across India,” Gokani says. “I sold my own designs of jacquards online to various people through Instagram or LinkedIn or even WhatsApp during the lockdown.

“I made 65 new customers who were very much interested in my fabrics for various applications from furniture to other things.”

The business runs in his family. He is the younger brother of Chandresh Gokani, the veteran fabric importer-exporter, who was interviewed in the autumn edition of Fabrics & Furnishings International.

During the pandemic, the younger Gokani has been aggressively seeking new customers for his line of gobelin and jacquard upholstery from $6-$18 FOB.

He has built his business, Amresh Enterprises, starting in 2015, on the foundation of his grandfather’s company, K. Haridas & Co.

“Immediately after opening, my sales soared,” he says. “You have to be positive and keep on working towards your goal.

“I started with three designs, but I ended up making 43 designs. At first, I was afraid, but I overcame my fear and now I am distributing fabrics!”

He wants to build on that initial success.

“I would love to start a cut-length service or provide an opportunity to every person in the U.S. and everywhere else,” Gokani says. “They could start to become their own boss. This would make everyone more self-reliant.”


Gokani wants to export to every corner of the world.

“I need people who don’t have jobs, who [were laid off], but who are talented enough to start their own company,” he says. “Normally, a person who has no job would contact me. I would teach him the business and he would buy his catalogs from me, take orders for his company.

“Through this network, my fabric would reach every part of the world.”

Today, Gokani sees many of his former partners in trouble.

“Now these companies have closed their doors due to the recession or debt overload,” he says. “The main reason is that China has killed everyone.

“I am successful, but I am waiting for the right time for the overseas buyer to approach me.”

He is currently selling to Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, and in South America.


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