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Gokani Boots China in Favor of U.S. Fabrics; K.H. Impex Will Specialize in American Fabrics for Indian Market  

May 25, 2020


Chandresh Gokani
Chandresh Gokani

MUMBAI, India — Chandresh Gokani, principal of K.H. Impex, the 30-year-old fabric importer, says he is now renewing his ties with American mills.

He says he expects to be the No. 1 specialist for American goods in India. He is currently contacting his old friends and some new ones in the U.S. to secure fabric lines.

“We in Mumbai are in a lockdown format, but I am rethinking my business plans as a result,” Gokani says.

Gokani was educated at The Rajkumar College, Rajkot, in the princely state of Gujurat. The British ran it for the prince and princess of India. Gokani speaks the King’s English, but his American friends can attest that he understands American English just as well.

He has now gone full circle with American-made goods.

He started with Quaker Fabrics years ago and specialized in importing American-made goods into India. Then the Chinese mills displaced American mills there.

“We had been importing 80% of our fabrics from China in the last years, but we are phasing out the Chinese goods in favor of American-made,” Gokani says. “It is no longer feasible to buy anything from China for import to India because the Indian people resent anything now made in China.”


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