Bru Textiles Ups its Digital Game With “Digital Textures”

Bru Visualization Suite Offers 100% Computer-Coded Fabric: Lower Cost and Faster Speed Than Traditional Photography

January 21, 2020


Bru Textiles Ups its Digital Game With “Digital Textures”

KONTICH, Belgium -- Bru Textiles Belgium, one of the world’s largest furnishing fabric converters and distributors, launches the Bru Visualization Suite (BVS).

It shows photo-realistic-digital fabrics.

“With the ultimate goal to sell more fabrics, the BVS will be the virtual-design assistant to help interior designers, architects, on-line furniture and decoration sellers to visualize their products digitally with photo-realistic clarity literally imagining the touch and the feel of the fabric on the screen,” Bru CEO Gary Neiman says in a statement released today (Jan. 21,2020).

Bru explains a “digital texture” is a fabric that has been developed in 100% computer code, so it’s neither a photo, nor a scan, but rather a state-of-the-art recipe combined to produce a photo-realistic replica of an actual fabric, which is called the “digital twin.”

The digital textures are then ready to be skinned on thousands of 3D models of furniture, drapes, curtains, and beds. BVS has also mastered the process of developing perfectly compatible 3D models, so the digital textures can be easily applied.

Check out the Bru Digital video:

Three years ago, under the umbrella of Bru Textiles Belgium, Bru Digital was founded in Kiev, Ukraine, with a mission to build a center, which would produce digital textures (i.e. digital fabrics). Bru Digital was born in Unit City, Kiev, (next to the technology university), which is managed by Bru’s local Ukrainian team who are experts in design, 3D, AR, VR, and other digital development skills. This team is working in tandem with Bru’s digital design and technology experts in Belgium.

Bru Digital specializes in the production of digital textures.

Bru is partnering with fabric distributors, furniture manufacturers, on-line interior merchandise sellers, and gatekeepers to help them give their consumers an experience that they have rarely had before, company officials say.

Bru now has the possibility to show a model of furniture with every possible fabric color and design combination at the click of a button.

BVS allows a curtain style on a window, for example, to be presented in every color to give the consumer a true idea of how their final selection is going to look.

A digital texture will allow an interior architect to present a perfectly rendered interior with the actual fabrics that are being specified for that particular project. Officials say BVS is a true solution to bridging the consumer’s imagination gap.

BVS includes thousands of curated decoration scenes with the possibility to change colors and designs in a quick and inexpensive way. Officials say this will be a huge help for the contract/project market where quick turnarounds and the perfect visual images are a real need.

Officials say the Bru Visualization Suite is unique because, for the first time, all digital textures are accompanied by the physical fabric supply chain to support it. In other words, the actual fabric can be delivered of each and every digital texture solving this long-time pain-point for many architects and interior designers.

All these BVS services come at a fraction of the cost and thousands of times faster than traditional photography content, officials say. Traditional content production (i.e. photography) is cost and time-intensive with an impact on the environment.

“Yes, the BVS is a sustainable solution to the future of digital-interior content-creation,” Neiman says. “The Bru Visualization Service is by default immensely increasing the quality and standard of today’s interior renders, which is by default setting the benchmark for interior digital content.”

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