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After Series of Acquisitions, Bru Buys Stuart Graham Fabrics

September 6, 2018

By Eric Schneider

KONTICH, Belgium -- Bru Textiles has purchased Stuart Graham Fabrics based in Port Elizabeth, one of the last independent fabric wholesalers in South Africa, for an undisclosed purchase price, according to informed sources.

Gary Neiman and Stuart Graham were the principals involved in the deal and were not available for comment.

Graham Fabrics began in 1982 and has five showrooms, while Bru started up in 1995. Bru previously acquired Fabric Library in Midrand, South Africa. Bru has done joint ventures with John Dunlap in Australia, after buying Zepel in Australia last year. Bru also is partners with Acacia Fabrics in the creation of Disenio, another small wholesaler in China.

Stuart Graham is expected to stay on with his former company.

Bru is likely the largest converter in the world today with sales in the $200 million range despite a fall in business that has affected the general fabrics industry worldwide.

The Bru acquisition strategy appears to force more Bru product through newly acquired distributors, thus increasing market share in a diminishing market scenario. 

Graham Fabrics main office and warehousing facility are based in Port Elizabeth. The head office is supported by local showrooms, sales representatives and order management services in the following locations: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and Bloemfontein.


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