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Letter from Germain and Gerda Desmet

January 13, 2021

Up to now all of our entire family are free of Covid 19, and everyone is in good shape.

It is really nice to learn about former customers and friends. I still dream often about textiles and must admit I have nostalgia.

The textile branch in Belgium has also drastically changed, only a few survived without perspectives for the future.

I believe the textiles are to be manufactured by low wage, underdeveloped countries.

The general trend by younger people are high tech jobs such as robots, computers, and artificial intelligence

My friend has stopped the manufacturing of the very special and flexible wire-looms, which were the sole tools to create and produce outstanding 3-D cut and uncut multicolor velvets; what a shame and great loss.

As you know the world is notably changing more than ever and also we humans must adapt ourselves to the climate, the new green mentality, new insight, new opinions about the society as a whole, about banks, pollution, energy, lifestyle, etc.

There are two books I do recommend to read and it will open your vision on our future of mankind. It consists of
21 lessons for the 21 century and Homo Deus, both by Yuval Noah Harari Israel.

-Germain and Gerda Desmet

Note: Their daughter Trudi Vico, who designed Desalux with her father Germain, discovered she couldn’t stay away from the fabric business after Desalux closed. She became a textile agent with her husband, Olivier Vico, who worked with her and his in-laws as Export Manager. Today they represent Lemaitre Demeestere, the French Linen producer which showed at Proposte 2019 in the Grand Padiglione.
Trudi Vico
Trudi Vico

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