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It’s time for everyone to get back on the road and see their suppliers and customers; especially in Turkey!

June 23, 2021


Eric Schneider, Publisher
Eric Schneider, Publisher

Turkish mills will roll out the red carpet for anyone importing Turkish-made fabrics. The Turkish mills have labored hard to produce quality goods and the prices are better than ever with the lira so low.

There has never been a better time to go there! I just spent a terrific week in Istanbul and Bursa seeing old friends and some new ones. It’s perfectly safe and the Turkish standards are very high!

You’ll need a negative Covid test (PCR) within 48 hours of travel both going and before you leave.

Turkish Air is a great way to fly but so is Lufthansa. The crews are doing their best to make you feel comfortable so what are you waiting for?
My next trip will be to India as that country works its way into the post-pandemic era!

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