Hazel Siegel Retires From Textus After 40 Years in the Contract Textile Industry

December 17, 2003

BEDFORD, N.Y. - Hazel Siegel has announced she will retire as President of Textus at the end of December after devoting 40 years to the contract textile industry.

In the fall, Siegel - who holds a masters degree in education - will teach the Pratt Instutute's first textiles course for interior design and architecture students. She will also resume working at her hospitality design consulting company, Atelier Hazel Siegel Ltd.

''I think Momentum is a great company,'' Siegel said. ''But I wanted to lessen my work load a little. My position was more than a full time job.''

Siegel formed Textus in 1994 after acquiring 50-year-old Ben Rose Textiles. The Momemtum Group acquired Textus in 1998. ''I formed Textus to promote the designing of classic and modernist ideas,'' she said. ''I still believe in these principles, and will continue to pursue [them].''

Prior to founding Textus, Siegel was director of design at Designtex and managing director of design at Knoll Textiles. She has received over 45 design awards.

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