Durham and Sills Own Newly Named 'Se7en'

June 9, 2009

HIGH POINT, North Carolina – The company recently formed by the acquisition and merger of Tietex Interiors into Burlington Manufacturing Services will be called "Se7en."

Mike Durham, previously president of Tietex Interiors, now CEO of Se7en, and Robert Sills, chairman of Se7en, are part of the ownership.

Tietex International Ltd. in Spartanburg, S.C. sold its interiors division to Burlington in March, 2009. Tietex had owned the entity since it purchased it from the now defunct Burlington Industries in 2002.

Durham said the company is named after the seven colors that exist in nature.

"The fact is our industry has been in a shambles after the recent collapse of half a dozen leading yarn dyers that were instrumental to our customers as well as to our competitors," Durham said. "We've created our new company to bring the size and type of vertical capability that our customers have long needed on the domestic front."

In Durham's opinion, "no other company equals Se7en's depth and breadth in yarn dyeing capability; able to provide yarns of almost every shape, size and color, in both small and large dye-lots, with the respective advantages of each."

"We're positioning the company to respond to the consumer's desire for custom color and products," said Craig Tribble, executive vice president, sales and marketing. "Our small dye lot capabilities allow for short runs and reduced lead times, taking pressure off inventory and associated cost factors that challenge fabric manufacturers and customers."

Se7en's manufacturing facilities consist of nearly one million square feet including the dyeing and yarn preparation operations located in Burlington, N.C. along with weaving operations in Matkins, N.C. The sales showroom remains in the Fabric Resource Building at 312 Hamilton Street here.

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