Dickson-Constant Markets Custom Sunbrella® Woven by Sunbury USA

July 22, 2009

NEW YORK, New York - Sunbury Textile Mills Inc. has entered into a joint partnership with Dickson-Constant of France to represent Sunbury's Sunbrella product lines on an exclusive basis to the high-end European market, both editors and manufacturers said Rocco Simone, vice president of sales and marketing.

Separate from the new European sales the arrangement will generate, Sunbury's overall business has improved 10 to 15 percent over last year in the past few months according to Simone. He also expects a great expansion in the Sunbury export business because of this new program, somewhere in the range of $1 to $3 million in sales for the first year and ultimately, a $3 to $5 million business will result working in partnership with Dickson, Simone estimated.

''This venture will assist customers in creating custom, well-rounded and exclusive programs of Sunbrella product using our coordinated high-end chenille fabrics,'' Simone stressed. ''The program is available only by the piece but it is custom-made product on an exclusive basis. We can even reproduce antique documents for the customer.''

Dickson-Constant is owned by Glen Raven Mills, Inc., Burlington, N.C. and is currently weaving and selling its own Sunbrella product throughout Europe. Jean Van Der Ghinst is the performance fabrics manager for Dickson-Constant based in France. He will work closely with Sunbury's Simone on the programs as well as with Sunbury custom designer Michelle Clark. She will also work directly with the European customers along with the Dickson-Constant sales force in each country to create the one of a kind Sunbury/Sunbrella fabrics. She will work from the customer's own artwork as needed, Simone said. Delivery is promised in six weeks from Sunbury on a direct basis to the customer, he said.

Sunbury has taken space opposite Dickson-Constant in Hall 7 during MoOD to help the customer make the marriage of the two lines. Dickson-Constant will also feature both lines at its stand while Sunbury will focus on its jacquard lines only, Simone said.

Dickson Constant has its own sales force in each country and they will market the program along with the regular Dickson-Constant line. Dickson will be calling on selected customers with a comprehensive Sunbrella collection including both Dickson basic Sunbrella products in solids, plains, stripes and plaids and Sunbury woven-jacquard product in custom designs in one piece minimums.

The price of Dickson Constant Sunbrella range is normally $10 to $18 per yard while Sunbury is priced at $18 to $35 a yard. Sunbury has a similar relationship with Glen Raven Mills Inc., the producers of Sunbrella yarn and fabric in the United States.

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