Delhi-Based Company Partners with Designers to Launch High-end Boutique Line

December 22, 2009

DELHI, India - The sourcing and manufacturing company, D'Ascoli and Company, has collaborated with five Indian fashion designers to create Afterhours, a retail boutique store overlooking the Hauz Khas reservoir.

Peter D'Ascoli has chosen Alpana Neeraj, Mayank Mansingh Kaul, Morphe and Pero to create cutting-edge design pieces, including loungewear and garments, bags and jewelry, fabrics for interior decoration and finished products like furniture, bedding and cushions. The shop will be run much like that of an art gallery, with the designers' work changing every month.

''The crafts I get to work with here are a designers dream,'' said D'Ascoli. ''The quality and flexibility are a refreshing counterpoint to all of the cheap, mass-produced junk in the market. The opportunities for export to the U.S. and Europe are very good-but this is definitely a high-end niche approach.''

D'Ascoli is still looking for partners in the U.S./Europe for Distribution and Sales. ''Like China, India is fast becoming a big consumer market,'' D'Ascoli continued. ''The future growth is here. The United States and European home/hospitality brands would be wise to begin learning and selling in this market.''

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