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David Walker Named New International Sales Director at Prestigious Textiles

August 7, 2018


David Walker Named New International Sales Director at Prestigious Textiles

BRADFORD, ENGLAND -- Prestigious Textiles announced Monday David Walker will fill a new position, international sales director, at its UK headquarters.

Walker previously worked at Walker Greenbank for about 30 years where he oversaw international sales for six of the company’s premium brands: Sanderson, Harlequin, Zoffany, Morris & Co, Scion and Anthology.  From 2001 to 2004, Walker was CEO of Sanderson USA based in New Jersey.
Walker said the new position wiil provide "a fresh start, application of knowledge built up over many years, and a unique opportunity to join a highly regarded and established UK business to lead for sustained growth in international markets."
With its headquarters in the UK, Prestigious has a network of stockists and trading partners in Europe, China, and South Africa.

“Heightening visibility of the (Prestigious Textiles') brand in overseas markets is obviously a key aim," Walker said in a statement, "and I’m looking forward to managing and developing relationships with existing and new members."

Walker added he is fascinated by the global operations of Prestigious.

"A careful balance of distributors, partners, and subsidiary companies has been established in over 100 countries," Walker said. "This has to be both valued and respected to ensure the right channel is taken to each individual market."

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