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D. Rafael Pascual Albero, 87

July 25, 2018


D. Rafael Pascual Albero, 87

ALCOY, SPAIN— D. Rafael Pascual Albero, one of the giants of the international textiles industry, passed away July 24 at the age of 87. He was born January 11, 1931, in the Mariola mountain region of Spain, the youngest of six children.

He was the founder of Textiles Pascual S.L. in 1965. Today it is one of the largest textile producers in Europe, known as the AquaClean Group. AquaClean Group is now one of the few surviving textiles manufacturers in these regions, and has one of the largest workforces in the textiles sector in Spain, 450 employees strong.

“Our founder, D. Rafael Pascual Albero, was never officially retired. Even though his son, Rafael Pascual, has been in charge of the group for many years, D. Rafael liked to come to the factory quite often," according to a company spokesman.

In 2015, all workers from the group (Antecuir-Interfabrics-Pascual y Bernabeu-Serpiscolor-Textiles Pascual-Aquaclean Poland-Aquaclean Malaysia), about 450 people, made a special tribute in his honor for the 50th anniversary of the company. Here are some of the passages from that book:

“Rafael Pascual, the founder and main architect of this venture: a man of humble origins and with few resources, had the determination to build something big with passion, innovation, and commitment: passion in his focus on the work and on his team, innovation as a way to compete by developing different products, and a commitment to ensuring the survival of his companies when faced with great challenges. These are the elements that continue to define our culture.”

“Through this book, we wish to emphasize these great values, so that they serve as an example to current and future generations, so that these generations can appreciate and perpetuate them. We still have the same passion to do things well; we endeavor to be different, innovating not only in terms of products but also in production and commercial processes."

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