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Curtain Wholesaler Holland Haag Has Two Principals, Agaath den Heijer and Rob Appel, After Buy Out of Bob Bruijn

June 9, 2019


Top right photo, Agaath den Heijer (r to l), Bob Bruijn and Rob Appel celebrate at Holland Haag.
Top right photo, Agaath den Heijer (r to l), Bob Bruijn and Rob Appel celebrate at Holland Haag.

WADDINKVEEN, The Netherlands -- Agaath den Heijer and Rob Appel are now the two principals of Holland Haag after they bought out the shares of Bob Bruijn on May 29.

Holland Haag offers a complete fabrication of curtains for residential and project markets through its Dutch facility, which was expanded in 2018.

In 2005, Bruijn, the fourth generation family owner, decided to stop selling floor coverings and continued as a specialized wholesaler in curtain fabrics for residential and commercial markets.

Heijer has been with the company since 1996 and holds the position of general director, while Appel started in 2011 and is the commercial director. Together with Bruijn, the pair have been managing the company since 2012.

Holland Haag was founded in 1920 by Bruijn's great-grandfather, F.J. Fisherman.

Bruijn says he will pursue other interests.

“I enjoyed being able to work at Holland Haag since 1984 and trust that continuity is guaranteed under the inspiring leadership of Agaath and Rob,” Bruijn says in a statement. “They will allow this wonderful company to grow at their own discretion, while giving me the opportunity to take on other challenges.”

Heijer says in a statement, “Holland Haag is a healthy company that has developed over the past hundred years into a stable player in the window decoration market. This development took place under the leadership of the Bruijn family, including Bob, and his father, Hans. Yet the company is also in my genes. My father, Leen den Heijer, has been involved with Holland Haag for over 50 years and I have learned a lot from him."


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