At Proposte: Argentina’s Etamine Sees Strong Business Rebound

September 10, 2021


Eduardo Esrubilsky, principal of Etamine
Eduardo Esrubilsky, principal of Etamine

COMO—“Business is rebounding in the second half of 2021,” says Eduardo Esrubilsky, principal of Etamine, a medium to high end priced jobber based in Argentina.

Esrubilsky, who rarely attends international exhibitions, was spotted at Proposte by Rolando Henao, a corresponding reporter for Fabrics & Furnishings International. Esrubilsky was at Proposte to see what the rest of the world outside of Argentina was doing!

"Business was very difficult for Etamine between March and June 2020 but we Invested in inventory and positioned ourselves for a rebound,” says Esrubilsky. Apparently, his efforts were rewarded during the second semester. Business for the second half of 2020 was strong and continues to be strong up until now, he emphasized.

Even with the economy in Argentina being the way it is (aside from Covid), some segments in the market have strong demand. People, just like in the USA, have devoted effort and resources to redecorating their homes.


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