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Weavers Worldwide Open to Using Air-jets Looms

August 2, 2000

Florence, Italy - Furnishing fabric producers are increasingly considering the economics of air-jet weaving, a technology that is yet to be fully understood by weavers around the world.

This form of weft insertion, though still somewhat unfamiliar, has been given a major boost by the decision of the world's leading supplier of rapier weaving machines to launch a new air-jet loom.

The ''Mythos'' machine from Italian loom builder Somet claims to offer: higher speeds than competing products (and reportedly speeds faster than 1,000 r.p.m.); unmatchable machine stability; less air consumption; less yarn waste; reduced stress on weft yarn; lower maintenance; and higher reliability.

At a press conference held in Florence, Miro Radici, Chairman and CEO of parent company Radici Group, said until now that Somet had never been one of the major players in the air-jet sector. ''And we do not want to play a secondary role in a market that now represents more than 50 percent of total weaving machine sales,'' he said.

Over the past seven years, Somet has been a leader in the global rapier loom sector, a market in which the company holds an estimated 30 percent share.With this new development in air-jet, the company aims to be the world's leading supplier of all weaving machine types. In the air-jet market, Somet hopes to seize at least 15-20 percent of the estimated annual global volume of 10,000-12,000 machines. It plans to sell 700-800 Mythos looms in 2000, 1,000 in 2001 and 1,500 in 2002.

Sales director Fabio Mazzucchetti pointed out that while rapier looms offer extreme flexibility, air-jet weaving machines enable high productivity. ''Weavers worldwide are diversifying by installing both machine types,'' he noted.

''When we decided to get into the air-jet field a few years ago, nobody believed we were serious and very little credit was given to our attempt to grab a significant share of the market. Now we have come up with a new product that will lead the way for years to come and will be the standard for the future.''

Giancarlo Oprandi, product manager, air-jet looms, said the Mythos loom is the most modern and technologically advanced product available on the market. The machine has already demonstrated excellent weaving quality and versatility and great reliability, he said.

Industrial production of the Mythos loom began in January, and by the end of this year production output should be almost four units a day. To date, almost 200 Mythos looms have been made, including some 40-50 trial units. The machine has already been installed at mills in Italy, Spain and France, with additional sales in Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Brazil and Mexico.

At present, looms are available in widths of 190-380 cm, with facilities for 2-6 colors. Available shedding mechanisms are tappet motion (with or without shed leveling) and positive electronic dobby.

Mazzucchetti revealed that the initial machines had been tested at high speeds to produce synthetic fabrics, and further trials were conducted on interlinings and cotton cloths, fabrics containing elastomeric yarns and automotive fabrics.

Trials for the wool sector will take place next. Somet openly admits that high quality wool furnishing fabrics could test the limitations of the Mythos machine.

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