Valley Forge Sells CDI Workroom After 7-Years

July 1, 2024

Mike Dobin
Mike Dobin

POMPANO BEACH, FL—With the recent sale of Contract Décor International, Valley Forge Fabrics Inc., the 47-year-old hospitality fabric specialist, has for now closed the door on becoming a more vertical supplier to focus on its core business of designing, developing, and marketing piece goods and bedding to the hospitality trade.
CDI is a contract workroom for custom bedding and draperies based in Brockton, MA. while Valley Forge Inc. is a major converter of hospitality fabrics. It bought CDI in 2017 and recently sold it back to the original owner, Michael Handler who had retained a partial interest in CDI.
“The entire Valley Forge team is extremely excited for the prospects surrounding our expertise on decorative performance fabrics and finished bedding,” says Mike Dobin, CEO.
“We are focused on product development opportunities in textile innovation and sustainability, and I am thrilled with the collaborative projects we are involved with,” he says.
At the time of the acquisition, Dobin said: Valley Forge “will be able to move from PO receipt of the textile to installation of the finished product, at a faster pace than the market has experienced in the past. Second, we will offer one accountable party in charge of the whole process. This will cut down on excess communication and make for a better customer experience,” Dobin said.
The acquisition was expected to expand Valley Forge Fabrics’ offerings to include vertical window fabrication solutions from decorative textile to install. However, industry observers said the workroom interfered with the selling of piece goods and proved a more difficult challenge than originally anticipated for Valley Forge.

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