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Ultrafabrics Launches its First Bio-Based Product: Ultraleather | Volar Bio

September 24, 2019


Ultrafabrics Launches its First Bio-Based Product: Ultraleather | Volar Bio

NEW YORK – Ultrafabrics, the Japanese manufacturer of high-end animal-free leather, is launching today (Sept. 24)  its first bio-based performance fabric called Ultraleather Volar Bio.

Company officials spent four years producing the new material for architects, designers, the upholstery and aviation industries, and automotive brands, such as the  Jaguar Land Rover.

Ultrafabrics has used renewable plant-based material into the multiple layers of the product. Corn-based content is used to prepare polyols for polycarbonate polyurethane resin and wood pulp-based materials are used in the twill backcloth. A range of colors is available including grey, brown, rose, taupe, blue, green and orange.

Officials say Volar Bio is the beginning of their journey towards greener products. By 2025, 50% of Ultrafabrics new products will include bio-based and/or recycled materials. By 2030, that number will increase to 100%.

Toyohiko Nakagawa, director of Ultrafabrics Holdings and president of Daiichi Kasei Co. Ltd. (DKK), the division responsible for manufacturing and engineering, says in a statement,  “Over four years ago, we partnered with a boutique supplier and challenged them to create custom naturally derived ingredients that would improve our sustainability profile without sacrificing the renowned aesthetics and durability of Ultrafabrics.”


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