Trevira CS® Sales Flat Two Years Running, 2022, 2023 But Market Share Was Held

January 30, 2024

Anke Vollenbroeker, Trevira CS Director Marketing & Business Development
Anke Vollenbroeker, Trevira CS Director Marketing & Business Development

HATTERSHEIM, GERMANY—For Trevira CS flame retardant fibers and filament yarns , “2023 was affected by difficult economic conditions with persistently high raw material and energy prices, increasing competitive pressure, inflation and a lack of planning certainty which led to great uncertainty in the markets,” according to Anke Vollenbroeker, Trevira CS Director Marketing & Business Development.

She made these remarks at a press conference during Heimtextil 2024.

Trevira sales were flat for two years running in 2022 and 2023 and the significant growth expected for 2023 did not materialize.

“Overall, 2022 was a challenging year for Trevira…due to the massive energy increase in energy costs and resulting inflation, price adjustments were unavoidable,” Vollenbroeker said previously. “The generally prevailing, major market uncertainty also led to a reluctance to invest in the European contract market, which peaked in the fourth quarter,” she adds.

Flame-retardant textiles are primarily used in the contract market, “where planning certainty is required for major projects especially, which was only available to a limited extent under the prevailing political and economic conditions,” she said. ”The reluctance to buy, which had already set in during the 4th quarter of 2022, continued throughout 2023 and the expected recovery did not materialize. Projects were put on hold or even canceled, resulting in a noticeable decline in demand. The decline in available volumes on the market in turn led to increased price pressure.”

After an initially good start to 2023, demand in the Trevira CS fibers business weakened slightly, particularly in the fourth quarter, she said. “Overall, the German, Italian, Turkish, Austrian and Spanish markets proved to be particularly robust. Demand for recycled fibers for use in Trevira CS eco textiles remains high. We continue to see significant growth potential here,” she said.

“In the area of flame-retardant Trevira® filament yarns, the markets of Italy, Scandinavia and - despite a high inflation rate - Turkiye particularly proved to be stable. The Trevira CS business continues to focus on Europe, where we were able to roughly maintain our market share.”

“In the USA, activities in the cruise ship segment were very much in the focus, where demand for Trevira CS textiles remains strong due to the demanding fire safety regulations. A Trevira CS trade fair stand at the Cruise Ship Interiors in Miami in June 2023 provided new impetus here.”

“To meet the challenges of the contract market, product developments are being driven forward to support the suppliers of Trevira CS textiles in their business. These include flame-retardant, spun-dyed, UV-stable filament yarns, which are available from stock in 30 colors. In the area of sustainability, the focus is on products made from chemically recycled PET raw materials.”

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