Trevira 2022 Sales Flat But 2023 Looks Better

January 26, 2023

Anke Vollenbroeker
Anke Vollenbroeker

HATTERSHEIM—Trevira CS flame retardant fibers and filament yarns reports its sales volume were flat in 2022 but significant growth is expected for 2023 according to Anke Vollenbroeker, director of marketing.
“Overall, 2022 was a challenging year for Trevira…due to the massive energy increase in energy costs and resulting inflation, price adjustments were unavoidable,” she says. “The generally prevailing, major market uncertainty also led to a reluctance to invest in the European contract market, which peaked in the fourth quarter,” she adds.
“Overall, …we expect the market to recover inly in quarters two and three.”
Vollenbroeker sees significant growth in recycled fibers for use in Trevira CS eco textiles.
“Our business in Italy and Turkiye has proven to be particularly solid; here we achieved our set targets for 2022.
Trevira CS created a joint presentation among 18 customers at Heimtextil 2023.

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