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The Shows Go On!

June 2, 2021


The Shows Must Go On!
The Shows Must Go On!

The recently concluded (16-19 May) Showtime in High Point, NC (USA) produced some quality buyers who wrote orders according to one major converter in the Tower Building. He reported some 40 plus customers—all quality buyers—he said. The next event is 8-10 June to coincide with the rescheduled Furniture Market. After that, the next Showtime is 14 November. On the other hand, outside the Tower, there was less excitement. “We wore masks if the customer wanted us to but we didn’t wear masks all of the time; some customers didn’t care,” the converter said. The Post Pandemic world is upon us all and exhibitions will follow one way or the other.

Shows coming up:

Decosit (Brussels) 5-6 October 

Proposte (Como) 7-9 September

Heimtextil 2022 (Frankfurt) 11-14 January 

The international show schedule is starting to crank up again. See you there!


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