Spray ClearSpace on Surfaces and Fabrics to Kill Covid-19, and More, For Up to 90 Days

Reapply ClearSpace and become Covid-free for another 90 days

August 25, 2020

ROYERSFORD, Pa. -- The Royersford Spring Company, a 98-year-supplier for the mass-transportation-seating market, is distributing a new product called ClearSpace.

The spray-on product’s main ingredient is called PreventX, which has been used since 2005, primarily for food-preparation areas, college locker rooms, and private jets, according to Alan Grandis, ClearSpace vice president of sales. Officials have rebranded it for the Covid era.

Alan Grandis

“Suddenly you have this demand and the supplier pivoted,” Grandis says. “The distributor, Royco, has the transportation side to their buses and commuter cars … [and I] went to them with a much wider net.”

Grandis is the U.S. agent for two Swedish contract and residential furniture manufacturers (Mitab and Garsnas). 

ClearSpace protects surfaces and destroys Covid-19 on contact and then provides a 90-day barrier against recontamination, officials say. And they say it is effective on all surfaces: wood, metal, glass, fabrics, leathers, plastics, and more.

Grandis says ClearSpace is much more than a disinfectant because it lasts for three months, unlike disinfectants.

ClearSpace “is like blades on the barrier, germs lands, and the [ClearSpace] blades cut through [coronavirus] cell walls, so it’s more of a physical process than a chemical process,” Glandis says.

He adds if companies want to reassure their customers it has taken precautions against the coronavirus, it will have a ClearSpace sticker. “We are protection, safety, security, and [customer] confidence,” Grandis says.

The Royersford Spring Company, or Royco, has its headquarters about an hour northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  
Grandis says ClearSpace is anti-microbial, and more, so that it’s effective against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and more.

It allows cotton masks to be more effective, he adds, because ClearSpace can be sprayed on to them and the barrier holds up, even if the mask is washed 20 times.

ClearSpace has the following attributes, according to the company:
  • Safe and non-toxic (the active ingredient was originally developed for food preparation and athletic locker rooms);
  • registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);
  • tested and proven;
  • and economical when compared to disinfecting sprays, especially when considering the labor costs.
For more, contact Royco at: ClearSpace@royersfordspring.com or 610-948-4440.

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