Spanish Mill, Atenzza, Releases Anti-COVID-19, Indoor-Outdoor Fabrics

October 29, 2020


Atenzza CEO Francisco Perez / Courtesy Atenzza
Atenzza CEO Francisco Perez / Courtesy Atenzza

VALENCIA, Spain – Atenzza, a family-owned mill begun in 1939, is releasing what it’s calling the first indoor-outdoor fabrics that repel COVID-19.
It launches into the U.S. market for the first time.

“For the group Atenzza, we developed some brands, Eco Plen , a new technology, antivirus fabrics, so (the virus) has a short life of less than two hours with contact on the fabrics,” Sales Manager Sara Patón says.

 The Eco Plen fabrics include the following characteristics, according to the company.
  • Purifying the Air: The Eco Plen coating means that when sunlight hits the fabric, it results in removing pollutants from the surroundings.
  • Self-Cleaning Fabrics: The coating helps fabrics remove dirt when coming into contact with UV sunlight and helps eliminate odors.
  • UV and Anti-static Protection.                     
Atenzza, which can hire more than 100 employees, sells about 90% of its products in Europe and the rest in Latin America. Paton says the company is now moving into the U.S. market with its new brand, Eco Plen. A new website and social media compaign will soon launch. Flashforce represents the company in the U.S.

“These innovative performance fabrics may be of special interest to companies in hospitality and cruise as well as contract for offices, medical waiting rooms, hospital reception áreas, etc.,” says Elaine Taylor-Gordon, principal of Flashforce and sister of FFI Editor Eric Schneider.

The indoor-outdoor fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic and also have Dralon for decoration, she adds.

Atenzza has separate divisions for healthcare, printing, and blackout, according to the company. It also produces certified acoustic fabrics.

“Our company has survived very good (during the pandemic),” Paton says.

She explains the compnay was testing a new fabric last year geared toward the construction industry that was breathable, waterproof and other features.

“When the pandemic arrived, we created facial masks and it passed the regulation norms,” Paton says. “We called it Eco Dry.
“We invested in some machinary. … We’re launching new antiviral masks for the first time.”

Paton continues: “With the help of other companies and suppliers in textile, from September, business has increased, and now we are increasing more and more with the Eco Plen technology.”


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