Sangetsu Promotes Yasuda and Kondo

February 6, 2024

Shosuke Yasuda and Yasuma Kondo
Shosuke Yasuda and Yasuma Kondo

NAGOYA, JAPAN—Sangetsu Corporation, the Japanese powerhouse fabric wholesaler with over $1 billion in sales, will have a changing of the guard come April 1.

Shosuke Yasuda, who has been President and CEO for 10 years, will become a director of Sangetsu.

Yasuma Kondo, currently managing director, will become the new President.

Both men were previously with Mitsubishi Corporation.

Sangetsu is the most important and largest fabric wholesaler in Japan, but it has broadened its scope as a supplier to include 10,000 different types of wallcoverings, flooring materials and fabrics.

“Sangetsu has consistently been involved in creating living spaces for people,” Yasuda explains.

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