Rubelli Buys Hinson Brand, Certain Designs for Product Relaunch

April 30, 2014

NEW YORK—Rubelli has purchased the name and some of the designs of H.L. Hinson & Company from its owner, Olivier Peardon, according to Andrea Favaretto Rubelli, President & CEO, Donghia, Inc., a Rubelli division.

Since September 1, 2012, Donghia has been the distributor for Hinson. “As their distributor, we represent Hinson in our showrooms and provide shipping/receiving and storage services in our warehouse,” Rubelli said.  “After many months of discussions, we determined that Hinson could no longer purchase the inventory necessary to support their sales and we consequently terminated the distribution agreement with them in January of this year.  As required, we gave them six months’ notice and offered assistance in the transition to another distributor.”

“In our subsequent discussions with Hinson, it became clear that there might not be another distributor and it was possible the business would be closed.  Our experience over the past years has taught us that there is demand for Hinson textiles, wallcovering and lighting, even as stock levels dwindled and backorders were delayed over and over again.  In an effort to keep the brand alive, we recently agreed to an assignment of the Hinson trademark with the intention of editing the line and possibly re-launching some of Hinson’s historic best sellers.”  

Donghia did not buy Hinson, or its inventory or any of its assets. “What we did was get the right to go forward with the name and possibly some of the designs,” Rubelli said.  

Rubelli has recently sent a letter asking the suppliers to Hinson for some help in purchasing product for the items “that customers have been waiting for and possibly for stock of those items we may want to sell.  We know that Hinson may still owe you payments for past shipments. We cannot pay you ourselves, but what we can do is begin to purchase again with Donghia’s guarantee that you will get paid for any future shipments, as we begin to build back this important brand.” 

Along with the royalties from the trademark assignment, Rubelli also agreed to assist them in selling off what remains of their inventory to provide additional funds to wind down their business and settle their accounts.  “The more we can sell, the more we can pay Hinson, so we are asking you to work with us for our mutual benefit,” he stated.

When asked if existing vendors would get paid, Rubelli said “all we can do is put pressure to Olivier so that he gets all of his suppliers paid, but we (Rubelli) have no direct control over what he will actually do.”

It is understood but could not be confirmed that Peardon wants to settle his debts for 20 percent of what he owes his vendors.

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