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Regal Fabrics to Open High Point Showroom

August 2, 2000

Las Vegas, NV (USA) - Regal Fabrics Inc. (Middleton, Mass., U.S.A) will open a new showroom on the second floor of the Textile Tower (adjoining the Market Square building) in High Point, N.C., in time for Showtime, according to Regal vice president Steven Kahan.

"It's our first outside showroom," Kahan said. "And it's in the most important place, High Point.

The company has grown. We're really making a commitment to the furniture business in High Point. The showroom will make it easier for us to accommodate our customers there," he said.

Kahan also said that Regal will be online by June with a Website that the company hopes is effective as an industry resource as well as a marketing tool. "The Website will have lots of educational content, including a thorough glossary of textile terms," he said.

He stressed the importance of Regal's establishing a "Web presence" and said that initially the site will be mostly informational. Once Regal evaluates how the industry has received the site, the company may add features which allow it service customers online, according to Kahan.

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