Ragolle Hires Purcell, Intensifies USA Export

November 30, -0001

New York—Frederick Van Glabeke has seen the export business at Ragolle more than double in just six years but now he says the competition is "fierce."

He thinks that Turkish suppliers will be eventually leveled out by European suppliers so that "we can all fear the Chinese together." He acknowledged that the weaving industry was shrinking. "Only the strong companies can survive. The small weaver with 10-20 looms is disappearing.

Ragolle is producing 150,000 yards of jacquard upholstery a week. The company was founded in 1951 by Alfred Ragolle. "Everyone knows Ragolle in Europe but not so many know us in the USA.

Ragolle recently hired Purcell International Textile Group to handle sales in the USA.

The company shows at Decosit, Scoperta, Heimtextil and Showtime and at Poznan through its Ukrainian agent. "All of the European markets are quiet but stable," he said.

"We are now focusing our efforts on contract in Europe as well as made-ups, boating business and hotels." Regale recently supplied a major cruise ship with fabrics in over $10 yard jacquards, he said, "with high performance on the Martindale Test. "We can beat the Chinese through our service, getting feedback from the customer and offering superior quality," he said.

"The Chinese will get their fair share of the commodity business. Ragolle makes better quality chenille, $10 plus landed, we're not as high priced as we need to be. We need a niche and we need to expand it further."

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