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Proposte Organizers Comment on Police Action, Show Dates

May 7, 2023


Proposte Organizers Comment on Police Action, Show Dates

MIAMI BEACH—Several buyers commented on the police interrogations of buyers visiting suppliers showing outside the Villa Erba fairgrounds in Cernobbio day before the opening of Proposte.

F&FI recently sent an email alerting Proposte organizers to this activity and the general manager Massimo Mosiello responded.

These were the questions sent to the Proposte organizer:
1. Is it the policy of Proposte to interrogate buyers through the local police?
2. Do you now think it was a good idea to coincide with Salon del Mobile
3. Will Proposte pick dates which do not coincide with Salon del Mobile in the future?
4. Will Proposte find a way to embrace frustrated suppliers who cannot get inside Villa Erba to exhibit?

The answer:

Dear Mr. Schneider,

Please find, here below, the answers to your questions:

1) Proposte did not question anyone. outside Villa Erba. The local police carried out an action to verify and control the territory.
2) The dates of Proposte 2024 are still being determined, but they will not overlap with Salone del Mobile.
3) The admission requirements to Proposte do not change. They have been the same since 1993: the companies must be manufacturers of furnishing fabrics, curtains and trimmings.

Best regards
Massimo Mosiello
General Manager

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