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New Major American Blackout Player ABC Emerges

Appoints ‘TexSquare’ Exclusive Sales Agency

February 1, 2022


Johnny Keeton, Dirk DeWilde, and Darren Fradin
Johnny Keeton, Dirk DeWilde, and Darren Fradin

RANCHO MIRAGE, CA—TexSquare has signed an exclusive sales agreement to represent American Blackout Company (ABC), a newly formed division of Chinatex Oriental USA, an active supplier of fabrics to major retailers in the USA, based in New York. ABC has warehouses in Bentonville, Arkansas, Ontario, California, and China.

Terry Hou is the CEO of ABC and leads the team in the USA and China. Darren Fradin, the former President of Rockland Mills has joined TexSquare as a consultant and is part of the executive team leading the ABC effort Keeton forecasts a $50 million business in blackout in the years ahead. Rockland Mills was doing at least that amount in its heyday, Keeton noted.

International clients will be served from the China warehouse, and the USA sales will be served from the local warehouse stock. ABC expects stock to be available in the USA in March.

ABC is also in dialogue with domestic factories to manufacture a line of blackout in the USA, as well.

Keeton, serving as North American sales coordinator is partners with Dirk DeWilde. Dirk will serve as manager of the international sales for this venture, is based in Colombia, South America.

DeWilde was export manager for Escolys, a Belgian jacquard mill and traveled the world for over 25 years.

Focusing on the major contract and hospitality markets in the USA will be the first priority for the team. TexSquare will look to the American converters, jobbers, and manufacturers to scale the availability of sample books and cards, memos and immediate delivery of blackout to meet all needs. At the same time, Keeton says, ABC expects demand from all over the world, as a result of the stock supported lines in China. TexSquare has 1,800 window clients in 45 countries that the TexSquare platform serves virtually with promotions and offers on a regular basis. Most of the buyers prefer to buy from stock unless the order is for a high volume property request. ABC will be able to meet all demands.

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