Nassimi Expects to Climb Equivalent of Mount Everest

October 4, 2022

NEW YORK—"Three weeks from today I’ll be climbing Mount Everest. Well, sort of,” says Iwan Nassimi, Vice President of Nassimi, the coated fabrics distributor and marketer of ’Supreen.'

"On October 21 - 23, I’ll be participating in 29,029 ‘Everesting' in Stratton, Vermont, where I'll attempt to hike up Mount Stratton 17 times within a 36 hour period, to climb 29,029 feet, equal to the vertical ascent of Mt. Everest,” he says.

"Why am I doing this? To push myself beyond my limits, to do something I’ve never done before, and simply because I think it’s pretty awesome.”

"Also, I’m climbing to support the Friendship Circle. The Friendship Circle works every day to bring happiness and companionship to children, teens and young adults with special needs, as well as bringing energy, support, and peace of mind to their families.”

"Please join me in supporting this wonderful organization."

—Iwan Nassimi

Supreen, a coated fabric with soft textured face
Supreen, a coated fabric with soft textured face

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