Letter From Proposte in Como and Hometex, Istanbul

By Antonis Stamatoulakis

May 23, 2022


Letter From Proposte in Como and Hometex, Istanbul

It was so nice to see you again during our industry’s show in the incomparable beauty and elegance of Cernobbio and Como.

Was it a commercially successful event?

Against all odds and a challenging world, against the dramatic geopolitical uncertainty and the, ruined in pieces, logistic harmony, throughout the eyes of the veterans that attended the show, it was a successful gathering, not only in terms of meeting each other again, but also in terms of selections and orders.

The world is changing, our industry is changing, distribution pipelines are changing (once more).

I would admit that the most optimistic element of Proposte/Cernobbio ‘22 events was the attraction of younger people, of younger staff, adding a promising detail to the “wild seas” we are navigating.

What a pity bright brains and experienced explorers of the markets are not here with us, to remind us and to teach us how were “running” and managed 70’s and 80’s world during similarly complicate moments.

I am happy F&F can lead the way to an internationally trans-industrial sharing of information (at the end is necessary), so can help us survive, thrive and succeed throughout global consolidation, as the “pioneers” of this industry found their way during the 20th century.

See you all in safe hubs and hospitable shows, in the next 12 months.

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