LETTERS: 'Do We Need a June Heimtextil?’ —Antonis Stamatoulakis, Greek Agent

March 2, 2022


Antonis Stamatoulakis
Antonis Stamatoulakis

March 2, 2022
Dear Eric,

I hope you are, as always, well and fine.

I apologize for this humble e-mail, if it is disturbing you.

It is about 2022. It is about Heim '22 in late June. What an amazing and exciting opportunity.

We'll meet again with all our friends. We'll meet this "summer" in Frankfurt.

I am pretty sure that everyone from Down Under or S.E Asia, US or S. America or Africa...etc are excited! Same feeling, same joy to travel and meet and unite again, here and there! Wonderful! Amazing! Beautiful!

And then is the show of all shows... our Heimtextil that will take place at the end of June!

And we will all be there...

We will...be there... Where? In Frankfurt? End of June?

As an agent and, unconditionally, Heimtextil supported in all my professional life and, please allow me to say with all the respect, a world-wide traveller and a "walker" of markets and shows, as long as I remember myself, this "summer Heim edition" makes me feel as uncomfortable as I could always remember.

An unsuitable timing beyond or before the usual summer holidays! An unnecessary squeeze within another Heim event makes me feel like the organization of Heim is giving my suppliers and my clients a favour of attending the show.

Our delicate industry needs a kind of "event" to motivate us all to move on, instead of the feeling of filling up a vacancy on behalf of the organizers.

With the absence of major parts of the market such as clients and suppliers from China, Far East, Japan and many other places that still have restrictions of travelling, not to mention the war next door, the humanitarian crisis and the commercial weight of the markets there, including their traffic, their charmness and their,  once upon a time, buying capacity, I am wondering why we'll be attending "Heim summer edition".

Obviously, we will be there, wasting valuable time and resources but also energy, not to mention our psychology that will be really questioning our alternatives such as receiving clients or visiting clients or, for most of us, getting ready for our much-needed summer holiday ( unless I am naive ).

It will be wonderful to meet you guys again.
It will be unique to ignore the market and the geo-political circumstances and spend our expensive time in the mutilated summer edition Heim 2022.

See all of you soon in June...hopefully.

Truly yours,
Antonis Stamatoulakis
Managing Director | G.A. network


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