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Kucukcalik Forges Ahead With Recycled, FR Polyester Yarns

June 29, 2021


Yilmaz Kucukcalik
Yilmaz Kucukcalik

ISTANBUL—Despite the pandemic, Kucukcalik has expanded recycled polyester yarn production from 70-120 tons per day,” says Yilmaz Kucukcalik, principal.

Kucukcalik has been producing recycled polyester yarn in cooperation with Unifi, the US-based yarn producer in Sakarya, Turkey.

“This is a special bicomponent yarn with two different polymers combined,” Kucukcalik says.

The yarn is designed to be used in PVC-free screening for roller shades in recycled and FR yarns. “We’re the only manufacturer in Turkey using Japanese technology to produce screening,” he says.

“The pandemic was good for our business. Everyone was decorating their homes during this period.

He says the only time production stopped at Kucukcalik was during the two-week shutdown mandated by the Turkish Government in March.
Kucukcalik exports most of its production. Its largest markets are in Russia, South Africa, and South America but it also exports to Europe and the USA.
Under its Premier Home brand, Kucukcalik produces pillows, curtains, and bedding for major retailers. Recently, Kucukcalik opened a showroom in Manchester, the UK with designer Claire Duncan geared to the wholesaler market. “The pandemic did not slow us down,” Kucukcalik says.

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