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KravetSmart Launches Even Faster Quickship Program

September 6, 2023


KravetSmart Launches Even Faster Quickship Program

(NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 6, 2023) — Kravet Smart Quickship is thrilled to announce the latest additions to its program - all Kravet Smart fabrics and frames.
This expansion will ensure their customer will not need to sacrifice on style or speediness, with a 10-day production time, the company says.
KravetSmart, which launched over 10 years ago, offers over 2,000 free fabrics which can be combined with the over 150 Kravet Smart furniture frames, all available through Kravet Quickship, says Sara Kravet, VP of Kravet Furniture.
"We aim to support our customer, and we know this expansion will help keep project's on track, within budget, and give more flexibility for tight timelines,” she says.
Furniture frames include categories for every room of the house, along with varied fabric selection, and personalization on base and finish. The frames come with a lifetime warranty in support of Kravet's sustainability commitment, the company says.

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