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Isabelle Aberson Named Eijffinger MD

Her Dad Ruud, Contemplates Retirement

May 3, 2023


Ruud and Isabelle Aberson
Ruud and Isabelle Aberson

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands—After 18 years at the helm of Eijffinger bv, Ruud Aberson has turned over the reins as managing director to his daughter, Isabelle.
He plans to stick around Eijffinger for a while but after that, who knows what he’ll do!
Isabelle’s appointment was effective in October 2022, but no formal announcement was made. She is not new to the company. She had been with Eijffinger for about seven years prior to her appointment as MD.
Eijffinger is a 149-year-old business with a strong product line in fabrics and wallcoverings. According to the company website, the first hundred years the business focused almost exclusively on wall decoration and when the economy flourished, the focus was primarily on the luxury end of the market. During the last forty years, curtaining also became part of the collection.
In the last seven months, Ruud has been bringing Isabelle up to speed on running the business, a fabric and wallcoverings brand with 40 employees.
Isabelle graduated with a business degree in hospitality management from Hotel School at the Hague in 2016 and joined Eijffinger just after graduation in various selling roles.
The pair was spotted walking together at Proposte.

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