Indian Companies Choose TIP, Tired of Decosit Wait

January 8, 2000

Brussels, Belgium – TIP 7, held 4-7 September in its new venue at Parc Elizabeth, attracted 12 exhibitors from India, a 43 percent increase. At least part of the increase can be accounted for by first-time participants who had been waiting for a long period to participate in Decosit and chose alternatively to participate in TIP.

''The timing of the show is good,'' said Ravi Khemka, chief executive of Zanav Collections, an annual TIP participant. ''Visitors from Belgium and Scandinavia were very few but buyers from France, the U.K., Italy, and the Middle East are increasing.'' He observed that the visitors were more oriented toward long-term purchase plans, which is a plus for Zanav. ''I have observed the change in buyers' attitudes which is slowly shifting from placing spot orders to collection of swatch samples,'' said Khemka. ''In turn the swatches are test marketed and orders are placed after the market feedback,'' said Khemka. ''This will benefit us as we

will know the market trends

in advance.''

Silktex Limited, also a regular participant in the show, reported good response to its blended collections in silk mainly with linen. ''Even though the buyers were fewer, we found the quality of the buyers better than in other exhibitions, which is encouraging,'' said Sandeed Churiwal, Managing Director of Silktex. Churiwal felt that the cost of participation was high but that the amenities were good.

First-time participant Swan Silk Ltd. of Bangalore, was also encouraged by the quality of the visitors. Although hesitant at first to exhibit, the company came away from TIP with high expectations for the future.

''For some time, we have been watching and noting the various efforts of the organizers, particularly their efforts to publicize the show in international show publications, invitations at hotels and signages at railway stations,'' said Vittal K.S., Director of Swan Silk. ''Their effort helped us to decide in favor of participating for the first time. We were not disappointed as we met our regular customers and established new contacts from the U.S.A. and U.K.''

Vittal K.S. said Swan Silk Collections ''were well received by visitors and there were no bargains.'' The company expects the enquiries to convert into orders in the coming six weeks.

Another newcomer, J. J. Spectrum Ltd., of Calcutta, focused on its 'Jungle Look' collections as well as floral designs in heavy jacquard, tafetas and satin weaves for upholstery applications. ''Flow of visitors to our stand was excellent on the first day, but

following days were comparatively low and [we] expect the show organizers to make necessary efforts for a steady flow,'' said Ravi Jhunjunwala. ''Nevertheless, we were able to hold promising discussion because the buyers were decision makers and who also placed sample orders,'' he said.

But despite the success reported by several Indian TIP participants, TIP Show Manager Sally Tzaig criticized the stands of Indian exhibitors for being too similar.

''The stand design is key in forming an identity at TIP,'' she said. ''The same looking stall can often be indistinguishable and if stands look too similar, one may have the best fabric but if not displayed to their best advantages, it may be missed by the buyers.'' F&FI

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