HEIMTEXTIL 2023 – A Dynamic Show

Letter from Antonis Stamatoulakis - Managing Director, G.A. Network, Athens, Greece

January 26, 2023

Antonis Stamatoulakis
Antonis Stamatoulakis

Was it crowded? Was it innovative? Was it successful?
Heimtextil 2023 was not crowded, and certainly, innovation will come in the next months.
But it was a successful show.
The human factor… the fundamentals of business relationships were the driving force behind a challenging event.

Professional and traditional buyers have honored their suppliers in the first “regular” mega show, after a 2-year long break.
Despite the fact that the neighborhood around the show was unprepared to host the parties arriving from all around the world, Heimtextil did not betray anyone.
Old friends reunited, old relationships re-established, new contacts have been made, and new friendships are underway.

A show full of recycled goods or recycled “ideas” that are integrated within a new normal that, as a matter of fact, does not have to be promoted, but is a new standard.

Despite a war, a conflict, an economic storm, Heimtextil provided us with mutual understanding and opportunities towards the safe harbors of the coming recovery and the new challenges ahead of us.

Weaving the future of our industry and coloring our emotions, the West and the East, the Down Unders, and the great Northerns have given the cosmopolitan flavor that defines Heimtextils throughout the last 30 years.

It is not necessary we go through the structural micro-news of the show. All the experienced visitors they have realized and they are adjusting accordingly. What remains are the hugs and smiles, the greetings among old associates, and the welcomes to the new guys, finding their way in the most exciting industry globally.

There is no doubt that 2024 Heimtextil will be the next place to be and we expect from the hosts (hotels, restaurants etc) to be more prepared, more hospitable to embrace a Great event.

See you in Proposte in a few months.

For G.A. Network,

Truly yours,
Antonis Stamatoulakis

P.S. The conclusions about Deco Off and Maison & Objet are that, although different, were successful and promising.
Still remains to be confirmed.

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