Goncalves Opens Consulting Business

October 18, 2022


Claudia Gonçalves
Claudia Gonçalves

Sao Paulo, BR—Claudia Gonçalves, previously export manager for J. Serrano Mills for 27 years, opened a textile consulting company in 2022. She is a specialist in the Brazilian and international markets in the furniture textile sector. She says she opened 23 new markets for J. Serrano during her time there.
“I have always been fascinated by achievements and I understood that this was the moment, to dare, innovate and grow in the search for solutions both for Brazilian companies that seek opportunities to open new international markets, and for companies around the world that increasingly seek Brazil as a possibility for strategic partnerships”.

With this concept in mind, her first client is Tecidos Fiama, a 60-year-old textile manufacturer of fabrics in linen, viscose and cotton and mixed fabrics with synthetic fibers, such as high-performance mass-dyed polyester for outdoor furniture. .

“Tecidos Fiama, which already had an international presence, mainly in the American market, decided that it was time to expand the brand's internationalization to other countries. “That's why we decided to show the company in the Heimtextil Fair in January, 2023. In a few months of work together, we have already reached six new countries, and in 2023 we should reach new destinations.”

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