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Goeters Upgrades Jacquard and Finishing Equipment

August 2, 2000

Zele, Belgium - Goeters - Ars et Labor, one of Belgium's leading decoration fabrics producers, has announced a new phase of expansion. Over the years 2000-2001, the company will invest about $4 million in an effort to increase flexibility and efficiency. The capital allows Goeters to extend its jacquard weaving department, to purchase a full automatic finishing installation and a new cutting machine, and to considerably enlarge and computerize the warehouses.

One year after starting its own jacquard weaving department, Goeters is investing about $1.5 million to increase its weaving capacity in the Waregem plant. By the end of July 2000 seven state of the art Dornier looms, to produce widths from 1.40 up to 2.80 meters, will be running there. By the end of December, Goeters hopes to have 12 looms.

The weaving unit is located in Waregem, at the site of Goeters' mother company, Concordia, which is, with its 850 looms, one of the leading producers of garment fabrics in Europe. ''Their technical know-how in the weaving business has proved to be extremely valuable for us and results in an additional quality guaranty for or jacquard production,'' said Goeters general manager Henk Dedecker.

Goeters has also installed new fully automatic finishing machines so as all possible finishing treatments in-house. ''We have also developed a new finishing process for jacquard weaves that meets the increasing demand for a smooth and supple touch,'' Dedecker said.

Taking advantage of the growing demand for ready-cut fabrics, a sophisticated computer-guided cutting machine will be installed, that locates any flaw unnoticed by the quality control unit. The machine also programs an optimal cutting pattern

These developments necessitated that Goeters build some 3,000 square meters of additional warehousing space in Zele, which will be completely computerized. By means of a bar-code system, combined with a scanner on the forklift truck, goods will be immediately identified by the computer and transported to their destination.

''Quality, flexibility and efficiency are the key words in this investment plan,'' said Dedecker. ''It will allow us to maintain and even improve our position as a top-of-the-market producer of high quality fabrics, to further optimize our client service in terms of quick and accurate delivery, and to even better react on new developments in the market.''

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