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German Regulations Force Americans to Quarantine 10 Days Prior to Heimtextil 

August 25, 2021


German Regulations Force Americans to Quarantine 10 Days Prior to Heimtextil 

FRANKFURT, FDR—Americans attending Heimtextil on January 11-14, 2022 may have to quarantine upon entry for ten days according to the latest German Government regulations.

Of course, these rules 11-14 could change in the next four months and hopefully, the quarantine will not be necessary. Currently, EU citizens will not have to quarantine, however.

The following information is from the German Government website:
“A requirement to self-isolate is in place in Germany pursuant to the Federal Ministry of Health’s Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations of 30 July 2021. Under the new Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations, persons entering Germany following a stay in a high-risk area or area of variant of concern in the last 10 days must
  • proceed directly to their destination following entry and
  • self-isolate there (quarantine). After a stay in a high-risk area, travelers must self-isolate for 10 days, after a stay in an area of a variant of concern for 14 days.
During this quarantine, travelers may not leave the house or flat or receive guests.

In addition, all exhibitors, visitors, media representatives, service providers, and employees of Messe Frankfurt provide proof that they are not infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in order to participate in an event at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

The following options are available for this purpose. Please bring them with you for admission to the event:
  • proof of vaccination (in the sense of § 2 No.3 of the Covid-19- SchAusnahmV)
  • proof of recovery (in the sense of § 2 No. 5 of the Covid-19- SchAusnahmV)
  • or a test certificate (in the sense of § 2 No.7 of the Covid-19- SchAusnahmV)
Alternatively, Messe Frankfurt offers a free on-site antigen rapid test.  

“We are currently in the planning process for Heimtextil in January and most of our exhibitors have received a stand location proposal,” says Stefan Jakob, marketing director of Heimtextil.

“Messe Frankfurt ensures particularly safe event participation for all participants - with a professional security concept and a negative detection obligation regarding SARS-CoV2. All participants must be vaccinated, recovered, or tested.  

“Due to travel restrictions, we are currently afraid that exhibitors from China most likely cannot participate in the upcoming Heimtextil. From India, we expect a slightly lower number of exhibitors compared to the previous year. In October we will also receive the applications from the joint stand organizers and then we will see more clearly.”


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