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Gary Searle Leaves Kravet Post

July 21, 2022


Gary Searle
Gary Searle

TORONTO, CA—Gary Searle has resigned his post as Vice President of Global Sales & Merchandising for Kravet Inc. after nine years with the company as of September 1.
In his position, he was involved in the development of building stronger relationships with interior designers in North America and Canada for Kravet.
“I wish to change course in my work,” Searle says. He says most of his efforts while at Kravet were based in New York and “I spent a lot of time in seat 32C on Air Canada,” he laughs.
Prior to his Kravet activity, he was based in his native Johannesburg, South Africa as executive founder and director of St. Leger & Viney, a South African fabric wholesaler and was a director of Warwick UK in London.
Searle’s next move is to visit his dad in South Africa and after that, look for another opportunity.

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