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Etun Builds New Mill

December 31, 1999

Tel-Aviv, Israel — Etun Ltd. is in the midst of an expansion process that includes building a modern weaving mill outside Tel-Aviv. Managing Director Immanuel Horn hopes the new plant – which is scheduled to be completed within one year – will help Etun stay competitive. "You have to use new materials, new techniques and technologies," he said. "You must come up with something special in order to survive, something which has your unique signature on it." Horn said the new facility gives Etun the capability to steadily increase its export activity.

Horn said that in light of the production shifting to countries like Turkey, China India and the Eastern Bloc, many companies are trying to offer modified product lines. "Most of the new textile machinery is being sold outside the U.S. and E.U. countries," he said. "The major part of the production will be made in those countries while Europe and the U.S. will produce less, making more sophisticated novelty lines."

At Decosit, Etun featured geometric patterns, chenilles and metallics. Horn said that neutral-colored fabrics like beige, sand and grey were popular. Although he said he was satisfied with business at the show, Horn said that there were fewer visitors all around.

Thirty percent of Etun's business comes from export, the strongest markets for which are America and Japan. Horn said that the contract business generates most of the 65-year-old company's turnover.

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