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Ennis Fabrics Reveals New Look

May 25, 2018

EDMONTON, Canada — Over forty-five years after its founding, Canadian fabric distributor J. Ennis Fabrics has shortened its name to Ennis Fabrics.  The new name will be accompanied by a new logo, reinforcing their commitment to customer success and simultaneously honoring their past while looking forward to the future. “Styles change, even those that are timeless,” explains company president Jim Ennis. “We simply felt it was time to revitalize our look.”  
Jim Ennis Jim Ennis
“As we went through the process of looking at our brand, we sought to define who we are, and identify what sets us apart. In speaking to our team members and long-time customers, the one thing that came up time and time again was how everything we do is about making our customers more successful. This is my father’s founding legacy, and a tradition that will continue to guide us forward,” Ennis says. As part of their commitment to modernization, Ennis also says it would be introducing more online tools designed to improve the customer experience in the months to come. “Great customer service has always been the fabric of a strong client relationship,” Ennis continued. “Yet in today’s environment, clients have different expectations when it comes to service delivery. We’re committed to keeping pace with the changes facing our industry, and becoming our customers’ most valued supplier.” 

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