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Dupont and Ciba Introduce Stain-Repellent Finish

January 13, 2000

Frankfurt, Germany - At Heimtextil, DuPont Teflon introduced a durable stain resistance finish. "This puts us way out in front of our competition," according to Huw Williams. DuPont claims that the new finish is considerably improved in terms of oil and water repellency and dry soiling. Dupont and Ciba Specialty Chemicals are jointly marketing the new product.

"European customers are very excited about the product," Williams said. The finish, which can be applied to wool, cotton and poly-cotton, is already available in Europe and will be available in America within the next few months.

"This product has a 100 percent hit rate," said Karen Nickles, Teflon U.S.A. Home Furnishings Manager.

Also, DuPont Product Marketing Manager John Kane said that DuPont is developing a new generation printing system with a resolution of better than 720 dpi.

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