Decosit '99 News Briefs

September 9, 1999

Brussels Fabrics at this year's Decosit are softer, plusher and more tactile. Whole emphasis is on surface interest. This has been achieved through more interesting yarns, including but not limited to chenilles. Boucles are softer especially when combined with chenilles. Other combinations are silk and chenilles, and silk and cotton. Raffia looks, linen velvets, washed linen velvets and metallics are becoming more evident. There is also a movement towards more shiny yarns. The look has been matte for so long — new emphasis on silk and satin textures. Pile velvets, plush opulent looks are the highlights of this year's Decosit.

A MAJOR AMERICAN mill will shortly produce its first collection to meet flame retardancy standards in the UK. This is the first time any American mill has gone this far to export its line. Stay tuned to this space.

MIKE BRASHER OF Kirby House: "This is one of the best fairs we've been to in quite some time. Chenilles, modern designs and classic patterns—that's what we bought.

ASH JHAMANDAS, EURO Asia agents: Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Singapore markets are firming up but turmoil in East Timor is affecting the buyer.

WORLD FABRIC FORUM™ produced some exciting dialogue this year. Leonie Mae-Tucker, director of Hirsch Bedner London plans to buy direct yardage from mills. This was her first Decosit and she'll be back. "I found a mohair line for $22 which my clients will love," Tucker said. "The prices of product we're seeing in London is just too high when you consider that our budgets for 5-star hotels can be as little as $6,000 per room."

WINDSOR FABRICS Of Australia is entering a jointing venture in New Zealand for the first time, principal Barry Amarant said. He has also moved into into a magnificent state of the art, purpose-built showroom and warehouse facility.

MORE TURKISH COMPANIES at Decosit. The earthquake did not stop Oz-Is, Vanelli, Epengle or Aydin. Furthermore, new Turkish suppliers continue to enter the market.

Q DESIGNS HAS emerged as a new player in the UK converting trade. See for further information.

MELVYN BLOOMFIELD OF Roseby's UK has purchased 20 Venture Fabric Stores of 10,000 feet each. They're not waiting for Walmart to enter the fabric business. Roseby's is becoming a colossus in the piece goods trade! Bloomfield buys firsts and seconds for $1.60-$12.00.

SATIN TEXTILES OF Thailand is expanding its factory to house 36 new Somets and Bonas heads. Schlee Wood is lining up agents in the US to make his first assault on that market. Its middle priced and upscale look has already captured wholesale attention in the UK.

GERMAN WHOLESALER SAUM & Viebach in Kulmbach near Coburg is said to be vying for the number-one spot in the world market with $250 million sales. JAB is feeling their hot breath in Germany. JAB is not sitting idly by because the German market is shrinking. JAB has launched a new showroom in Brussels under Chris Jakob Schimmes and plans expansion to Warsaw, Poland.

USA-CONCORD FABRICS HAS established a separate home furnishings division for the first time under Roger Burnim. Burnim has a successful launch with Walsden Printworks in UK.

TORONTO, ONTARIO — CULP Contract has appointed Metro Wallcoverings & Fabrics, (a division of ICI) Canadian hospitality/contract distributor. Metro is a contract specialist in global markets which handles four- and five-star hotel chains. Inta Harrison, director of product development for Metro was at Decosit for the first time with Jay Dash, managing director of Culp Hospitality.

TURKISH CONVERTER AYDIN Tekstil plans to open a new showroom in Manhattan in the beginning of March, 2000, according to Aydin owner Ali Aydin. The company has also just opened a separate contract division.

MOYGASHEL SALES DIRECTOR Graham Rhodes said that his company has unveiled three new lines at this year's Decosit. Moygashel has "completely revamped" its products in the last 12 months, and its turnover is up 25 percent from last year according to Rhodes.

FORMER TESSILFORUM P.R. Director Edoardo Caminita and Andrew S. H. Young have opened a consulting firm called Fastnet Asia Limited. Young and Caminita draw on their business to offer valuable business advice to Western companies who are interested in doing business in China. "We suggest to customers how to organize, arrange showrooms, how to teach showroom personnel, how to dress and how to talk," said Caminita.

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