Creative Director Michael Day Will Leave Swavelle; Mill Creek President Richard Hanfling Still in Coma

July 10, 2024

(Top L to R) Jeff Thomases, Michael Day, (Bottom L to R) Richard Hanfling, and Greg Thomases
(Top L to R) Jeff Thomases, Michael Day, (Bottom L to R) Richard Hanfling, and Greg Thomases

NEW YORK—Two major holes are currently left in the Swavelle Group fabric executive suite with the expected fourth quarter departure of Michael Day, a 30-year veteran of the company.

Greg Thomases, Swavelle Group CEO, says Day has not left the company yet but would make further comments about Day’s departure in September. Day expects to leave his post as Creative Director, Swavelle Group after a 30 year plus run saying “it’s time for me to seek new creative opportunities.”

His next assignment is not known at this time.

The Swavelle Group is a major U.S. converter which sources product from major mills worldwide. Day is well known to his sources and is well regarded.

As of this writing it is not known what Day’s next move might be but his many industry friends including other designers and suppliers wish him well.

Says Day: “I’m proud of the work I’ve done during my 30 years with TFA (Textile Fabric Associates) and the Swavelle Group. “Over the past 20 years as Creative Director of the Swavelle Group, I have delivered many successful collections. I have truly enjoyed and admired all the talented designers, salespeople, and mentors I have worked with over the years,” Day adds.

The unfortunate stroke which afflicted Richard Hanfling, President of Swavelle/Mill Creek Fabrics, Inc., has left this print division without its leader. Hanfling helped establish this business in 1989 when he joined the company. Although no official statement was made, Hanfling has been hospitalized in a coma for several months and nothing further is known about his condition. Greg Thomases says Hanfling’s family wants to maintain privacy about his condition and Swavelle must respect that wish.

Hanfling was named President of Swavelle/Mill Creek in 2005. He had a vital role in creating the print line of fabrics for the jobber, retail, and furniture business in addition to Swavelle's contract division. At the time, Jeff Thomases, the current Chairman said: ''Richard Hanfling has been instrumental in the growing success of the many divisions of Swavelle Mill Creek Fabrics.''

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