Christopher Hyland's Pariser Summarizes Proposte 2024

May 29, 2024

Seth Pariser
Seth Pariser

NEW YORK—“I thought this year’s edition of Proposte was very good and I was grateful to once again attend, " the Christoper Hyland Exec VP says.
"I saw there were a few newcomers producing very unique textiles not easily found in the marketplace. There were also many of the old reliable suppliers introducing new designs that I was pleased to source and fold certain select items into our collection. I Missed a few companies whose conspicuous absence was notable," he adds.

Pariser says "the landscape of yarn supply and producers is ever changing and I find attending these shows keeps us aware of what’s new and ahead of the trends."

He points to the use of linen "on the rise both in its classic form and how it aids other weaves to bolster their look. It seems though only a small handful of mills are still doing the old-world classic textiles thing and instead, shifting to a blend of digital printing or doing more with contemporary designs to adapt to the markets overall current demand."

Pariser concludes: "Whatever the case may be, these shows are still vital and integral to our industry, and I’m always amazed to see what new innovative ideas are being developed among the industry’s talents; and of course, Cernobbio and Lake Como … what else is there to say."

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