Calcutta Group Acquires Annabel Group

Derumeaux’s Remain Involved

August 24, 2022



EVERGEM, BE—Christof Vermeersch, CEO of the Calcutta Group together with Saffelberg Investments has purchased a majority interest in Annabel Group and Interspinning in Ghent.
Vermeersch, who bought the shares of Calcutta in July from a British-Emirate company, will manage both Calcutta and Annabel as CEO.
Vermeersch expects to realize the synergy between the two companies which he says complement each other.
Bruno Derumeaux and Benoit Derumeaux, principals of Annabel will remain active on the board of the Annabel Group and will also take stakes in the Calcutta Group. The Derumeaux’s will remain operationally active in both groups according to Vermeersch.
Calcutta and Annabel are weavers of residential and contract fabrics. Annabel also offers automotive and outdoor fabrics and is well known for its face-to-face woven velvets.
Calcutta offers technical textiles, and interior textiles including wallcoverings, upholstery, roller blinds and woven carpet.
Prior to purchasing Calcutta, Saffelberg Investments owner Jos Sluys enabled Vermeersch also to make the acquisition of Annabel. Sluys joined forces with Vermeersch this past April.

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