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Buyer Says Glen Raven Mills Can’t Meet Outdoor Fabric Demand  

Mill brings new production onstream but it’s one year out

August 24, 2021


Glen Raven
Glen Raven

GLEN RAVEN, NC—Glen Raven Mills is seriously backlogged with its Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics in solution-dyed acrylic due to an eight-fold increase in its outdoor fabric business according to buyers.

“We ordered and prepaid for Sunbrella fabrics one year ago and are just getting 50 percent of our order,” says one wholesaler.

“The balance of the order will not be available for another year in August 2022,” the source says.

Glen Raven is doing everything it can to increased production but the equipment required will take one more year to bring online,” a source says.
Meanwhile, the demand for outdoor fabrics shows no sign of letting up and buyers are seeking other sources for solution-dyed acrylic fabrics.
These include Tempotest® fabrics by Para of Italy; Outdura® by Sattler Corp of Austria and Atenzza of Spain. While plains may be easier to purchase, the market is having trouble finding solution-dyed acrylic jacquard patterns sought by designers.

However, there is a general shortage of solution-dyed acrylic yarn and the associated chemical used to make acrylic fibers worldwide to begin with so there is just not enough supply to meet demand, it was learned by F&FI.

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